If your business success depends on electronics design, prototyping, small quantity manufacture, firmware and software development, eSonar can assist you. We also have comprehensive expertise in overall product design and project management.


We are well positioned to deliver sonar transducer designs, schematic and printed circuit-board designs.


Our capability includes:

  • Schematic & PCB design (AutoDesk Eagle & Altium Designer)

  • Solidworks and Fusion 360

  • C/C++


  • Windows / Linux

  • Qt / Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Git / SVN


Hardware platforms, firmware support and development tools include:

  • Embedded Ethernet (NetBurner RabbitCore)

  • Microcontrollers (PIC® and ARM-based SAM)

  • Google Coral TPU Machine Learning Systems

  • CPLDs (Altera).