Marine Mammal Detection and Underwater Radiated Noise Management

eSonar is partnering with American Bureau of Shipping and Memorial University to jointly develop a comprehensive Marine Mammal detection system to mitigate the impact of commercial shipping activity on these endangered species.  Protection of Marine Mammals and the management of Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) is a pivotal issue for the marine industry worldwide. eSonar’s objective is to accelerate the deployment of technologies that mitigate the impact of vessel sourced underwater radiated noise on marine species and improve the detection of marine mammal presence in order to reduce the risk of related acoustical and physical disturbances on these animals.  


eSonar is working to achieve this by:

  • Sponsoring targeted research to develop and test relevant new technologies;

  • Developing scientific and technological evidence to identify, model, predict and validate the most promising noise reduction technologies, designs and marine mammal detection systems;

  • Provide guidance to industry, academia and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to influence and develop vessel standards to achieve meaningful long-term noise reductions.


The features of the eSonar Marine Mammal detection system include:

  • Ability to detect, through acoustic monitoring, the underwater radiated noise from a ship passing nearby, following the measurement guidance recommended by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).   

  • When deployed near a shipping channel, capable of measuring a passing ship’s noise signature, and also detect and record the presence of whales within its listening range of greater than 8 km of its fixed location.

  • The system’s built-in communications capability can alert passing vessels of their noise signature and whether there are whales present nearby. 

  • For calibrated ship-noise-only measurement, the embodiment can be portable, inexpensive, and readily field deployed, and provide vessel owners with ABS qualified data to support low noise designation for their vessels resulting in lower fees at an increasing number of ports.

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